ThemesMath & Science - Nov 14, 2013

New LUMA Centre Finland to enhance national science skills

Finland is known for its excellent PISA rankings as well as a high level of academic competence and teacher training. To further support this high level of competence and lifelong education for teachers, the new LUMA Centre Finland was established.

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ThemesMath & Science - Nov 07, 2013

A small step for a cosmologist, a giant leap for the circus

This year, the Helsinki-based dance troupe Hurjaruuth dances through the history of the universe in their annual winter circus. The script for the production was co-authored by cosmologist Syksy Räsänen for University of Helsinki.

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ThemesEarth, Water & Energy - Oct 08, 2013

Oceans bear the heaviest burden of climate change

When we talk about climate change, we usually mean the rising temperature of the atmosphere. However, according to the latest IPCC report, the oceans store much more heat.

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