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Sustainable Development- Nov 04, 2015

Emission-free energy systems, the economic approach that polar bears didn’t think of

Since the Industrial Revolution, a country’s economic competitiveness and its citizens’ quality of life have been largely influenced by energy. In this context, the economies that best approach energy resources of both low cost and low ecological damage obtain corporate advantages in global market. We all know the importance of renewable energy sources, but the question is: would they be economically viable? Could a country realistically work with a fully emission-free energy system in a nearby future?

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Reversing The Burning Reaction

Due to environmental problems, renewable energy is on the demand. However, one of the major challenges with many sources of renewable energy is that storing the energy produces is yet a problem to be solved. A research team in Finland have developed an interesting procedure that could help overcome this problem.

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Solar Power And the Markets

All the growth expectations regarding solar power have been surpassed during the past decade. In 2002, the globally installed photovoltaic (PV) capacity was 2 000 MW, and now, in 2015, we are expecting to exceed 200 000 MW. The capacity has more than doubled every two years, and does not show signs of slowing down. So what has really caused this rapid expansion and what does this mean for our future?

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