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Math & Science- Mar 22, 2016

Gravitational Waves: Yet Another Grand Victory For Theoretical Physics

Gravitational Waves, Photo: Caltech/MIT/LIGO Laboratory

Physicists had accurate enough equipment. Data analysis methods made sure they were able to dig the signal from background noise. The team at LIGO was ready to make history one way or another – by finding them or by realising they do not exist.

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Math & Science- Feb 23, 2016

Who Wants To Live Forever

Throughout history, immortality has been an obsession for humanity. Long ago, kings would summon their alchemists and command them to discover the secrets of eternal youth. However, the results speak from themselves: all of these kings are dead. Now, science –rather than alchemy– is addressing the question of how to make people live longer than their natural life spans. But how?

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Math & Science- Feb 14, 2016

Hey Baby, I've Got My Ion You!

We’ve all been there: sweaty hands, butterflies in the stomach and eruptions of nervous giggles. But what is really happening in our body and especially in the brain when we start falling in love with someone? What are the chemicals that go into the love cocktail produced by our brain?

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