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It's A Blue Worl(e)d

LEDs. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Afrank99

LEDs. We’ve all heard about them. In our TVs, in our computer monitors, and in our homes. It’s a word we hear often – but do we really know what it means?
We sent Vitória Barim Pacela, our light emitting diode correspondent, to find out how LEDs revolutionised our world’s light

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Can We Change The Weather?

Hail cannons at an international congress on hail shooting held in 1901. Photo: Public Domain/Plumandon

People have always wanted to change the weather – be it for better crops, prevention of damage, or just because they don’t like rain. Agencies for weather modification can be found in several countries. Has this become reality?

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The Electric Mystery

Electricity powers almost every aspect in our life; but do we know where it comes from?

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