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Sustainable Development- Nov 10, 2015

Millennium Youth Course - Sustainable Energy

Are you interested in exploring current issues in one of the most important global challenges of our time? The first international Millennium Youth Course on sustainable energy kicks off on November 21st 2015. This international MOOC will offer an overview not only on modern technologies but also on the societal and economic aspects of sustainable energy issues.

Photo by: Elisa Lautala

Sustainable energy refers to producing and using energy in a way that supports sustainable development. Therefore, sustainable energy is not only renewable, it also supports societal and economical sustainability.

Starting on November 21 st 2015, the first Millennium Youth Course offers young people around the world the chance to broaden their knowledge on current solutions and technological advances in sustainable energy issues.

The MOOC is aimed at 15+ year-old young adults from all corners of the world who are interested in learning more about global challenges and how energy could be produced in a more sustainable way.

Diverse views into the challenges and solutions of global energy issues

The Millennium Youth Course -Sustainable Energy MOOC will explore the possibilities and challenges of sustainable energy production and usage and broaden your view on energy production, energy policy and energy efficiency.

The main aims of the course are to increase students’ understanding of sustainable energy and its production based on the latest research and technological innovations, to help them understand future energy production as a complex system and to increase their ability to evaluate the role of sustainable energy in their everyday life choices. The course also encourages students to critically follow and participate in societal and technical discussions on sustainable energy.

Top Finnish researchers and business representatives have been brought together to provide the material for this learning experience.

The organizers hope this course will inspire You to join the ranks of those who are trying to create a better world through innovative energy solutions.

The course is organized by LUMA Centre Finland, University of Helsinki and Aalto University in co-operation with Technology Academy Finland.

It celebrates the fifth anniversary of the International Millennium Youth Camp and highlights the Millennium Technology Prize awarded every other year by Technology Academy Finland.

The course is headed by professor Maija Aksela, director of LUMA Centre Finland.

“Our goal for the first Millennium Youth Course MOOC is to inspire young people to study STEM subjects by showcasing Finnish scientists, know-how and opportunities in sustainable energy research and business. After all our motto is “together we are more,” encourages professor Aksela.

The first Millennium Youth Course starts on November 21st 2015 and ends on December 31st 2015.

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