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ActivitiesTry This at Home - Nov 26, 2013

Your weekly dose of science videos!

Listen up all science, technology and game enthusiasts. Vsauce channels on YouTube offer interesting, short videos that will teach you about the world and the universe. Educational knowledge is never a bad thing!

In this video, Michael Stevens finds out what is the rarest precious metal that could be used to make a ring.

If Youtube channels Vsauce, Vsauce2 and Vsauce3 are not familiar to you, you are missing out on a lot of interesting and educational knowledge.

These videos are suitable for people of all ages who are interested in science, the wonders of the world, history, video games or educational facts in general.

Vsauce channel is hosted by Michael Stevens, the founder of the channel form the United States. Each week, the channel provides the viewer with a nugget of information about an interesting subject. The topics deal with the world, universe and its many wonders. In addition, Vsauce answers questions that occupy many minds such as “Why is yawning contagious?” or “What color is a mirror?”

Vsauce2 channel is mainly hosted by Kevin Lieber. He deals with innovations that are possibly groundbreaking and advantageous for the society, bizarre and deviant discoveries and funny but somewhat futile inventions. The channel has six different playlists dealing with different subjects. MindBlow playlist is the most comprehensive out of them and it deals with the achievements of humans, nature, and inventions.

Jake Roper hosts Vsauce3 channel that is dedicated to games. Roper presents games and the physics behind and how they would work in real life. The channel also includes a playlist DONG, i.e., (Things to) Do Online Now, Guys. These videos present different websites with games and activities and history of games.

The article by Aku Kulppi has been translated from Finnish into English.

Aku Kulppi was an intern at LUMA Centre at University of Helsinki. He thinks that chemistry is interesting to study and learning new things is very rewarding. Aku also likes mathematics, physics, arts, and video games.