Millennium Youth CampMYC Profiles - May 27, 2013

Team Water 2013

“My dream is to do business, which will help people maintain environmentally friendly lifestyle,” says Ricards Krizanovskis from Latvia. Other members in Millennium Youth Camp’s Water team come from: Thailand, Slovakia, Finland, and Israel.

The Team Water of Millennium Youth Camp 2013 are working on Mission Mars! a project in which they will study the sanitation, water, and energy systems needed during a 2-year space trip of four people, planned to be launched in connection of the Millennium Prize Ceremony in June 2020.

Here are the members of the team:

Susanna Krizalkovic, Slovakia

“I’m interested in science, especially medicine, biology, biochemistry, ecology and physics. I like discovering how things work. I also enjoy using things I have learned at school in real life,” says Susanna Krizalkovic from Slovakia. She is a student at Hungarian high school of Hans Selye.

Susanna applied to MY Camp because she wanted to meet famous scientists and young people, who are interested in similar things as she is.

“I would like to learn new things that I do not have the opportunity to learn and practice on my town. I think the camp will give me wider knowledge for my future.”

As for the future, Susanna would like to build a career as a physician or scientist. “I feel good when I’m able to help both the environment and people.”

Kaari Konttila, Finland

“What fascinates me the most about science is the certain kind of creativity in it. Sometimes the solution can be found only with something completely new,” says 17-year-old Kaari Konttila from Tampere, Finland.

“I’m also interested in knowing how the world around us really works. Understanding the everyday phenomena makes it possible to exploit the things we already have or will find in the future.”

Kaari has not yet made up her mind about her future career. However, a career in medicine has been a dream of hers for years. “I’m also interested in math and languages. Anyway, I hope that my studies will handle natural sciences.”

From MY Camp Kaari expects meeting great people and discussing interesting topics with them.

Ariel Berko, Israel
“The aspect of science that interests me the most is medicine. I think that through medicine we get the best opportunity to help humanity,” says 17-year-old Ariel Berko from Kiryat Ata, Israel. He is a student and the Vice Chairman of student council at Rogozin High School.

After graduation, Ariel would like to study medicine at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and build a career as a doctor.

“It’s a great honor for me to take part in Millennium Youth Camp. I hope that I’ll get the opportunity to make new friends, get to know different cultures and study new things,” he says.

Ricards Krizanovskis, Latvia

“I’m quite open-minded and extremely curious person, especially when it comes to science. The most enjoyable thing for me is ecology and environmental studies because it is extremely important to keep our planet green and clean,” says 17-year-old Ricards Krizanovskis from Latvia.

Ricards is an active person and involved in many non-governmental organisations in Latvia as well as in European Youth Parliament.

He is interested in green life-style. “I really hope that I’m able to connect my interest in ecology to business and management studies. My dream is to do business, which will help people maintain environmentally friendly lifestyle.”

Ricards expects MY Camp to be an unforgettable experience. “I really wish to meet new people from all over the world and work together with them, as well as find out everything about the issues and possible solutions to the water problem our planet is facing.”

Wajana Thaweerat, Thailand
“When I was a child, I was really surprised by the chemical reactions that were demonstrated in science fairs. That made me passionate to study science,” says 17-year-old Wajana Thaweerat from Thailand. He has just graduated from Mahidol Wittayananusorn, the National Science School of Thailand and will start medicine studies at Mahidol University in June.

“I want to be a physician, who is also doing research to develop the efficiency of treatments. I’m really interested in linking the basic science discoveries to clinical practice,” he says.

Wajana is also interested in solving problems related to water, and he has studied the idea of using water hyacinth, a waterweed commonly found in the water source in Thailand, to adsorb heavy metals from contaminated water.

This is the second time Wajana applied to MY Camp. He has been told many great things about the camp by Thamonwan Chaempreeda, 2012 MY Camper from Thailand.

“I hope that during the camp, we could brainstorm together and share our ideas to find the best solutions. I also hope that in the future, we could do international research collaboration to solve scientific problems.”

The main organisers of Millennium Youth Camp are Finland’s Science Education Centre LUMA and Technology Academy Finland.

MyScience will introduce each of the 10 theme groups during the spring, and like during previous years offer news, photos, and videos from the Camp in June.

Elisa Lautala works as web editor for University of Helsinki's Faculty of Science. Elisa likes all kinds of cultural events, good books, warm weather, and aqua-jogging.