Millennium Youth CampMYC Profiles - May 08, 2013

Team Applied Mathematics 2013

“I like mathematics because I think it’s the most beautiful science. I also like reasoning and using all my knowledge in problem solving,” says Nidia Obscura Acosta from Mexico. Other members in Applied Mathematics team come from: Brazil, Nigeria, Slovenia, and Romania.

This year, Millennium Youth Camp’s team Applied Mathematics are working on a project on public key cryptography.

Here are the members of the team:

Nidia Obscura Acosta, Mexico
“The fields of science that interest me the most are mathematics and information technology. I like mathematics because I think it’s the most beautiful science. I also like reasoning and using all my knowledge in problem solving,” says 18-year-old Nidia Obscura Acosta from Mexico.

Nidia’s plans for the future include mathematics studies in university and work in research. “I want to specialize in logic, algorithms of fractals.”

At the moment she volunteers in giving mathematics and biology lessons for underprivileged children. She is also involved in environmental student groups.

“During MY Camp, I want to be in contact with the best of Finnish science and technology to inspire me to continue with a career in science oriented to development and sustainability.”

Gabriel Bonuccelli Heringer Lisboa, Brazil

“What amazes me in science is the math and logic behind it. Incredibly, most of the things make sense, mathematically speaking. The Universe was built under logic, that fascinates me,” says 18-year-old Gabriel Bonuccelli Heringer Lisboa from Brazil. He studies at University of Campinas.

Gabriel comes from an educated family, and intends to pursue a career as a mathematician. “My uncle is a physicist and started telling me about astronomy stuff when I was just a kid. I have never since then stopped studying science. I grew up with this passion.”

Gabriel sees himself studying the pertinent questions of mathematics and physics until PhD and beyond. “My life will be totally academic. I see myself as a great mathematician in twenty years.”

Earlier this year, Gabriel participated in World Physics Olympiad in Indonesia and there he met Eugen Hruska, 2012 MY Camper and MY Camp guide for this year. “What a small world…” he says.

During MY Camp, Gabriel expects to make friends, who are intelligent and passionate about science, and meet noted scientists. “And all this in an international atmosphere, and in a cool country, literally.”

Nika Bedek, Slovenia
“I believe that mathematics has a big role in our everyday life,” says 16-year-old Nika Bedek from Slovenia.

After high school, Nika intends to pursue mathematics studies in a good university, and one day she would like to have a career as a mathematics professor.

“That is because I really like the teacher I currently have and think she is a great role model.”

From MY Camp, Nika expects getting to know students from different countries and rehearsing her English.

“I hope Millennium Youth Camp will be educational and fun.”

Mendes Gbolahan, Nigeria

“The most interesting aspect of science to me would be astronomy and anything in outer space. When I was little I wanted to become an astronaut,” says 19-year-old Mendes Gbolahan from Nigeria.

He is a second year student of Applied Mathematics at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. Mendes is pursuing an academic career, but also working in the service sector interests him.

“I see MY Camp as an opportunity to get to know how math and science in general are defined in other parts of the world, especially in a developed nation like Finland.”

Andrei-Sebastian Buruiana, Romania
“I’m particularly interested in computer studies, programming and physics, and how mathematics can be applied to these domains,” says Andrei-Sebastian Buruiana from Romania.

Sebastian has been thinking about his future studies and career quite a lot. At the moment. programming feels the most appealing, but he has not yet made up his mind completely.

“During MY Camp, I expect to be able to strengthen my knowledge on how mathematics can be applied in today’s society. I also want to experience new surroundings and have as much international interaction as possible,” he says.

Victor Hugo Corrêa Rodrigues, Brazil
“‘Papa, What is this?’ was the first sentence I spoke, and since then nothing has changed,” says 18-year-old Victor Hugo Corrêa Rodrigues from Brazil.

His curiosity got him connected with Brazilian Center of Physics
Research, where he conducted a project in the Program for Promising High School Students.

“The researcher from the field I was working in advised me to not go into such depth; doing so, he thought, would make it harder to win the championship of high school students. I felt I had to take the risk! Not questioning felt unnatural to me,” Viktor says.

Eventually he won the prize for one of the best projects of the year.

“It feels amazing to contribute to the understanding of everything around us and transform positively the place we live in.”

In the future, Victor would like to live in a country where equal life quality is a priority. He would like to contribute to the improvement through his work as a researcher or entrepreneur aiming to improve the social inclusion in Brazil.

In June, Victor will travel to Europe for the first time. “I expect to find amazing people. I am getting ready to be astonished by the Finnish culture and beautiful country. In a nutshell, I do not expect less than the best.”

The main organisers of Millennium Youth Camp are Finland’s Science Education Centre LUMA and Technology Academy Finland.

MyScience will introduce each of the 10 theme groups during the spring, and like during previous years offer news, photos, and videos from the Camp in June.

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