Millennium Youth CampMYC Profiles - May 06, 2013

Team Urban Planning 2013

“Cities represent our society’s past, present, and future, where we live our lives and find opportunities to better the world and ourselves,” says Tyler Keegan from the US. Other members in Urban Planning team come from: Brazil, China, Estonia, Romania, and Slovenia.

One of Millennium Youth Camp’s new teams for this year, Urban Planning, are working on a project regarding the planning of a new, international university campus area for Aalto University in Espoo, Finland.

Before the camp, they are exchanging ideas on what kind of land, campus landscapes, buildings, and services a good campus should include. Later, during the camp, the team will develop these ideas further to produce a common plan for the campus area.

Here are the members of the team:

Tyler Keegan, USA

“Cities represent our society’s past, present, and future, where we live our lives and find opportunities to better the world and ourselves. By studying cities in a scientific manner and applying pragmatic solutions that consider moral, environmental, and economic implications, I believe that urban planning can truly help to change the world for the better,” says 18-year-old Tyler Keegan from the US.

“Urban planning, specifically transportation and land use planning, is my major intellectual interest. Having lived in and traveled to many cities in my lifetime, I have seen a real need for city and regional planning.”

Tyler was recently accepted to study at Cornell University to pursue a degree in Urban and Regional Studies at the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning. “My main goal for my career is to be a force for good in the world, to help others.”

Tyler is excited to travel to Finland to participate in Millennium Youth Camp, and experience the Finnish culture, and the cultures of other 59 campers as well.

“With the help of social media I have already gotten to know some of my fellow campers. With such a broad range of countries represented by a group of incredibly intelligent students in all fields, I am sure that the 2013 Millennium Youth Camp will be a great success!”

Mari-Ell Mets, Estonia

“I’m interested in what the future holds for us. There are going to be changes in the ICT, and energy and water resources are already running out. I really want to contribute to sustaining our environment and making the future as green as possible,” says Mari-Ell Mets from Tallinn, Estonia. She will turn 18 in few weeks’ time.

“I believe that scientists will have to work together to develop new technologies to ensure a safe home for our grandchildren.”

Mari-Ell is still trying to figure out her future career path. In addition to urban planning and architecture, she is also interested in ICT due to the good career prospects in the field. “Many things interest me so it’s really hard to choose just one.” She also likes sports, music, and arts.

Mari-Ell looks forward working with people from all over the world during MY Camp. “I am excited about working in a group of people with the same kind of mindset, making new friends and acquaintances and perhaps meeting my future employer.”

Filip Neagu, Romania

“I have been interested in arts since I was little and people told me that I have talent. When I grew up, arts flourished into architecture, and now I have a big interest in urban life,” says 18-year-old Filip Neagu from Buzău, Romania. He is planning on applying to Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest. “And maybe I will do my Master’s abroad.”

Filip describes himself as a positive person. “Everyone says that no matter how bad their day is, I can always make it better. Let’s hope that’s true.”

Filip has experience in working together with other youth in an international environment in the European Youth Parliament, and expects that MY Camp will be an even better experience for him. “MY Camp will be some serious fun and surprises.”

Tang Yerong, China

“The glamour of science lies in its ability to satisfy the basic human need –curiosity. The process of exploring new ideas is stimulating. There is no ultimate right answer in science. What matters is the ongoing process of discovering, doubting and thinking,” says 18-year-old Tang Yerong from China. She is currently studying at Victoria Junior College in Singapore.

Tang’s favourite subject is Physics, and her plan is to pursue university studies in civil engineering in the US.

“Urban planning is not only based on the physical environment and scientific advancement, but also on humanity. During MY Camp, I expect exchanging ideas and learning more about other countries’ contexts. Besides, I also want to have a glimpse of Finland’s urban planning.”

Matej Kirn Starič, Slovenia

“There is science all around us, to every single thing we can find a scientific explanation. I like the faces of people, when you explain them the scientific background of some everyday event or problem, and they start to like science, because they find it useful,” says 18-year-old Matej Kirn Starič from Laško, Slovenia. He is currently studying in Secondary School Litija and High school for Design and Photography, Ljubljana.

“I like useful, applied science the most. I find design hard to resist, that’s why I chose urban planning team.”

Apart from science and design, Matej loves theater and will apply to study in Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana. However, the entrance to the school is highly competitive, and Matej’s backup plans include studies in the fields of visual communication, graphic design, and photography.

From MY Camp, Matej expects to gain new skills, knowledge, and friends. “I’m always smiling and this is, I believe, my main strength.”

Renan Alex Kuntz, Brazil

“What interest me the most in science is the possibility to describe everything around us, and create new things to make our lives better,” says 17-year-old Renan Alex Kuntz from Brazil. He studies at Federal University of Technology – Paraná.

“It is interesting how we can take advantage of everything that surrounds us, and create new substances, materials or anything that solves our problems.”

In the future, Alex would like to work as a researcher. He has planned on studying Biotechnology. “However, MY Camp has made me think about a career in Urban Planning, so I am still thinking about it.”

During MY Camp, Alex plans to establish lifelong friendships, develop new skills and deepen his knowledge on urban planning and other themes of the camp. “I expect to absorb as much information as I can. I am sure MY Camp will be amazing!”

The main organisers of Millennium Youth Camp are Finland’s Science Education Centre LUMA and Technology Academy Finland.

MyScience will introduce each of the 10 theme groups during the spring, and like during previous years offer news, photos, and videos from the Camp in June.

Elisa Lautala works as web editor for University of Helsinki's Faculty of Science. Elisa likes all kinds of cultural events, good books, warm weather, and aqua-jogging.