ActivitiesTry This at Home - Feb 27, 2013

How does science keep us healthy?

Answer this question in an scientific and creative manner and enter the competition for 2013 RSC Bill Bryson Prize for under 19-year-olds.

RSC Bill Bryson Prize is a science competition for under 19-year-olds. Held in the UK, the competition is also open for international students. In 2013, the students entering the competition must submit a piece of work that answers the question How does science keep us healthy? to a chosen audience outside of their peer group.

Creativity is encouraged, and the question can be answered through various formats, e.g. video, poster, web page, PowerPoint presentation, animation… Whatever you can think of…

You can enter the competition by yourself or with a friend or a group. The language of the competition is English.

The submission starts at the beginning of March and the deadline is 31 March. For more information, visit Bill Bryson Prize website.