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Miraculous biotech - MyScience [archived]


MYC BlogsOskari Vinko - Nov 15, 2012

Miraculous biotech

Could we develop a drug, based on a gene, that slows aging? How’s this new drug prototype for malaria developing today? What’s researcher’s life like and how do you become one? What are the most epic fails the top scientists have been through?

Image: Dan Salaman / Wellcome Images (Creative Commons).

Futures in Biotech podcast series introduces Nobelists and other top tier scientists and their work to the audience – at well-explained and understandable level. You just can’t miss this, if you’re into DNA and biotech!

Since I ran into this amazing podcast series about biotechnology, I haven’t been able to stop listening to it, it’s so fascinating and inspiring. And the best thing is that I’m not running out of episodes too soon: there are 95 super-interesting episodes about things they don’t teach in schools.

The themes vary from cancer research and nanotechnology to gene mapping and latest applications of biotechnology but don’t worry if the themes sounds too heavy or hard to understand. One of the editors is a regular tech broadcaster and takes care that everyone can understand the topics. It’s surprisingly easy to follow and the scientists are really experts at explaining things.

You can find a blog with links to podcasts from You can start right from the beginning or just explore the most fascinating themes.

The latest episodes can be found on iTunes as well. The podcasts started in 2006 and the latest show was published last summer: so there is six years of biotech to listen!

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Oskari Vinko originally studied physics and mathematics at Aalto University. He jumped into molecular biosciences at University of Helsinki and is now doing a Master’s degree in synthetic biology in cybergenetics group at ETH Zürich, Switzerland.