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What's up, MY Camper Alex Palcuie?

IT expert Alex Palcuie from Romania was very enthusiastic to meet his role model Linus Torvalds during MY Camp 2012, where Alex was a proud member of ICT group. His next big step is to attend college in USA.

Alex and guitar during MY Camp International evening. Photo: Elisa Lautala.

I’ve pretty much had an awesome and productive summer, full of fun, work and meeting other smart people.

Firstly, I’ve been working on a top secret web app that I think may have some impact… at least my classmates are using it and they’re happy. You know, Spotify and the rest of the music apps out there rock pretty hard, but there is a small inconvenience: their not available in Romania.

Therefore, I have been trying to build an alternative that works on a global scale. It leverages music videos from Youtube, and uses your friend’s music shares for building a playlist. It’s just like listening to a radio channel, where your pals are the DJs.

The second great thing I’m now working on is an internal tool for a non-governmental organisation. LEO is a volunteering club in which I’ve been involved at a local level for two years.

Just recently, I’ve become the IT responsible in the national district board. The mission for which I’ve been appointed is to develop a web app that keeps track of the club members and projects. The difficulty in this task is to make the app usable, because this kind of online paperwork adds an extra layer of “bureaucracy” and useful information ultimately fails to be delivered.

Finally, I had some fun time at two scout camps. The first one was organised by the local center from my town, and we sent our guests to a hike of 8 hours in the mountains, during which they had to compete in 10 pit-stops. During the second one, I went with other 4 scouts to Iasi, a big city in Romania, to do a whole day of treasure hunting.

The atmosphere in these camps was comparable to that at MY Camp: people jamming with guitars, learning new interesting stuff, and ultimately having lots of fun.

Now, I’m looking forward to the next months: I have my SAT and TOEFL exams, plus I have to write tons of essays for the colleges in USA. Little fun, a lot of school and stress. But it will pass :-)

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