Millennium Youth CampMYC Profiles - Jun 07, 2012

MY Camper Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho: Discovering the incredible world through science

Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho heard about MY Camp while participating International Junior Science Olympiad in Nigeria. He is a science enthusiast, who likes to study by himself and learn to understand the world around him through linguistics, physics and biology.

Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho from Brazil.

“Well… I don’t know. It is hard to translate this feeling into words,” says Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho when asked what are his biggest expectations of MY Camp that is about to start in two days.

Ivan Tadeu just turned 17 yesterday, 6 June, and goes to Colégio Integrado Objetivo high school in the biggest city of Brazil, São Paulo. Originally Ivan Tadeu is from a smaller town, but he moved to São Paulo without his family already two years ago for high school studies.

At school Ivan Tadeu studies many subjects like sciences, maths, literature, sociology, philosophy, but he prefers to study by himself.

“My first girlfriend was jealous over my books – she said that I spent more time with books than with her. Well, now I am single and I don’t feel sorry, ha ha,” Ivan Tadeu says laughing.

He says that a career as a scientist intrigues him but he has yet to decide which field of science he would like to study.

“Everyone keeps asking me what I want to be in the future, but I haven’t made a desicion yet. I like linguistics, physics and biology the most. I’d like to understand the world around me, and I think that these fields are the ones that help me the most,” he says.

His role models in science are Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman. “I’ve read some of their books, and they really made my interest for science grow. Besides being great scientists, they also spent their time trying to show how incredible our world is.”

At MY Camp, Ivan Tadeu is at Renewable Energy and Natural Resources theme group. He first heard about the Camp at 2010 International Junior Science Olympiad in Nigeria. “The students were talking about an amazing science camp, where people from all over the world could participate! It made me immediately interested,” he says.

During his spare time, Ivan Tadeu likes to walk in the park, talk with his friends, go to the movies, and ride his bike. But above all, he likes to take pictures. “I usually walk with no direction trying to find something worth taking a picture.”

Like during the previous years, MyScience will introduce each MY Camper and offer news, videos and photos during the Camp. Stay tuned, but in the meantime watch videos and photos from MY Camp 2010 and MY Camp 2011.

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