MYC BlogsWenlei Dai - Jun 05, 2013

Why Jolla will succeed?

Directly compared to the unveiling of the Nokia N9, Jolla’s hardware appears to be quite disappointing, but given the limitations of the size and time that Jolla had, the overall package is quite impressive.

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MYC BlogsWenlei Dai - Aug 15, 2011

Boy and his hero

This summer has defined a new chapter in my life, because everything is going to a direction closer to my dreams. In fact some of my dreams were fulfilled a week ago due to the Finnish Cyber-festival Assembly.

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MYC BlogsWenlei Dai - Sep 08, 2010

Competition of the mobile computing market

Mobile computing is a broad term in the world of technology. 2010 MY Camper Wenlei Dai will give his insights to the world of smartphones.

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