MYC BlogsMert Ertuğrul Muşul - Feb 16, 2012

The New Age of games

The format of computer games has been changing since their emerge, and the changing has continued rapidly until today. Getting high sells is the priority, and successful games turn into series but does it matter whether the game is on disc or downloaded online?

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MYC BlogsMert Ertuğrul Muşul - Jan 23, 2012

Children and video games

Have you ever ruled a kingdom? If you are a gamer, maybe you have. Today, millions of people around the world play video games. It is a form of entertainment and a way to have a good time. But what about children, who play a lot of video games?

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MYC BlogsMert Ertuğrul Muşul - Jan 09, 2012

Children and toys

In our childhood, we used to play with the toys we liked the most. However, toys are not just for passing time and keeping the child busy, but they are also for supporting the child’s development. For this reason we should consider the educational values of toys.

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