The Official MyScience Summer Cloud Guide!

Summer. [CC0]

Hey! Look! A UFO! Laying on the grass and looking to the sky observing clouds makes imagination run wild. But what are all those clouds? How do they form? And will it rain before your barbecue? MyScience here to save your summer party.

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Can We Change The Weather?

Hail cannons at an international congress on hail shooting held in 1901. Photo: Public Domain/Plumandon

People have always wanted to change the weather – be it for better crops, prevention of damage, or just because they don’t like rain. Agencies for weather modification can be found in several countries. Has this become reality?

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Earth, Water & Energy- Nov 16, 2015

Modelling the Dance of The Spirits at the FMI

Northern Lights

Northern lights are of the most beautiful phenomena taking place on our planet. The colourful, awestriking phenomena highly involve physics, occurring when high energy particles from the sun hit earth’s magnetic atmosphere. With today’s technology, we can forecast space weather and even model the activity of the sun. This work, among others, is being done in the Finnish Meteorology Institute (FMI).

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