Digital Communication- Jan 27, 2016

4G Mobile Communications System Is Vulnerable to Location Tracking

A study uncovered several vulnerabilities using monitoring of mobile communications and setting up fake base stations in laboratory environments.

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Will Technology be the Downfall of Mankind? The Theory of Singularity

History is rife with end of the world predictions. Over centuries, as mankind has questioned its origins, it has also wondered if and when life, as we know it, will end. Believe it or not, mankind is very unlikely to be destroyed by zombies, but the theory of singularity is very realistically at the forefront of every futuristic discussion about the fate of mankind in relation to technological development. But what is a Singularity?

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ThemesDigital Communication - Dec 12, 2014

Find your way into programming and a computer science career

Are you interested in exploring what computer engineering or programming has to offer? Learn How to Become offers free online career guides for anyone looking for guidance on options and careers in computer science.

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