MYC BlogsWenlei Dai - Jun 05, 2013

Why Jolla will succeed?

Directly compared to the unveiling of the Nokia N9, Jolla’s hardware appears to be quite disappointing, but given the limitations of the size and time that Jolla had, the overall package is quite impressive.

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Millennium Youth CampMYC Blogs - Mar 20, 2013

Visit Millennium Youth Camp blog

“My advice to today‚Äôs aspiring scientists and engineers is to develop and follow their curiosity and imagination, to develop an open mind, ask questions, and not to be satisfied with half-truths or dictated opinions”, advices Professor Risto Nieminen in his blog post for Millennium Youth Campers.

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MYC BlogsOskari Vinko - Nov 15, 2012

Miraculous biotech

Could we develop a drug, based on a gene, that slows aging? How’s this new drug prototype for malaria developing today? What’s researcher’s life like and how do you become one? What are the most epic fails the top scientists have been through?

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