Activities- Oct 17, 2016

StarT: joy of sharing and international visibility

Welcome all around the world to learn and share through project-based learning!

Schools, kindergartens, families, extracurricular activity groups and team of young persons from all around the world are invited to invest in the future and take part in StarT to share the excitement of collaborative learning!

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ActivitiesTry This at Home - Dec 15, 2014

A Cup of hot chocolate

Although playing outdoors in the cold can be fun, a cup of hot chocolate crowns any chilling winter day. Here’s a neat little experiment for studying the solubility of cocoa powder in water.

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ActivitiesTry This at Home - Nov 26, 2013

Your weekly dose of science videos!

Listen up all science, technology and game enthusiasts. Vsauce channels on YouTube offer interesting, short videos that will teach you about the world and the universe. Educational knowledge is never a bad thing!

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