Events- Feb 02, 2017

International LUMA Summer Camps in Finland in 2017

Discover Finnish excellence in science: Join International LUMA Summer Camp in Finland in 2017.

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Activities- Oct 17, 2016

StarT: joy of sharing and international visibility

Welcome all around the world to learn and share through project-based learning!

Schools, kindergartens, families, extracurricular activity groups and team of young persons from all around the world are invited to invest in the future and take part in StarT to share the excitement of collaborative learning!

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From fire to electricity: Thermoelectric materials

Energy can have many forms, heat, motion and electricity being the most familiar to us. An interesting observation is that most of the ways we have found to obtain useful energy from the environment involve the emission of heat as a by-product. What if we could turn that waste useful?

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