Will technology be the downfall of mankind? The Theory of Singularity

History is rife with predictions of the end of the world. Over centuries, as mankind has questioned its origins, it has also wondered if and when life, as we know it, will end. Believe it or not, mankind is very unlikely to be destroyed by zombies, but the theory of singularity is very realistically at the forefront of every futuristic discussion about the fate of mankind in relation to technological development. But what is a Singularity?

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Earth, Water & Energy- Nov 16, 2015

Modelling the Dance of The Spirits at the FMI

Northern Lights

Northern lights are of the most beautiful phenomena taking place on our planet. The colourful awestriking phenomena highly involving physics, occurring when high energy particles from the sun hit earth’s magnetic atmosphere. With today’s technology, we can forecast space weather and even model the activity of the sun. This work, among others, is being done in the Finnish Meteorology Institute (FMI).

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Sustainable development- Nov 10, 2015

Millennium Youth Course - Sustainable Energy

Are you interested in exploring current issues in one of the most important global challenges of our time? The first international Millennium Youth Course on sustainable energy kicks off on November 21st 2015. This international MOOC will offer an overview not only on modern technologies but also on the societal and economic aspects of sustainable energy issues.

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Sustainable development- Nov 04, 2015

Emission-free energy systems, the economic approach that polar bears didn’t think of

Since the Industrial Revolution, a country’s economic competitiveness and its citizens’ quality of life have been largely influenced by energy. In this context, the economies that best approach energy resources of both low cost and low ecological damage obtain corporate advantages in global market. We all know the importance of renewable energy sources, but the question is: would they be economically viable? Could a country realistically work with a fully emission-free energy system in a nearby future?

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Math & Science- Sep 21, 2015

To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate: There Is No Question

In recent years, the anti-vaccination movement (or as I prefer calling them, “pro-disease”) has grown worryingly large, spreading from the United States to many other countries. The movement started based on a claim that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine causes autism. These claims were based on a single paper that has been proven fraudulent and completely wrong. However, the myth lives on.

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