NewsDigital Communication - Jan 27, 2016

4G mobile communications system is vulnerable to location tracking

A study uncovered several vulnerabilities using monitoring of mobile communications and setting up fake base stations in laboratory environments.

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News- Jan 13, 2016

Looking Back and Into the Future

A quick word from the Editor to set of the New Year. What were the 5 most interesting articles in MyScience in 2015 and what have we planned for 2016?

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The Post-Antibiotic Era: The Clone Wars

S. Aureus VISA 2, Photo: CDC/Matthew J. Arduino,DRPH

It’s a scene known to all of us: You wake up with a fever and a sore throat that even the sweetest of teas cannot remedy. Tired, you go to your doctor for a cure. This is where things get complicated.

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EventsMillennium Youth Camp - Dec 14, 2015

Together We Are More

MYC Anniversary Event Collage. Photo: Maija Aksela

The Millennium Youth Camp Anniversary event was organised on the 21st of November at the Aalto Design Factory. With participants from all around the world – in person and via the live stream – the purpose was to bring all MYC ­generations together and share their life-changing experiences.

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Math & Science- Dec 01, 2015

Morning Potions

Unless you’re one of a lucky few, early mornings are difficult for everyone: Don’t expect much rational thinking from me before 10 am. But some beverages, known for long and from different corners of the world, seem to have a miraculous effect, making life easier when the bed keeps calling your name. Their effect seems to rely on a little and beautiful molecule called caffeine. What is it and why has it become sleepy men’s best friend?

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