Millennium Youth CampProfiles - Apr 15, 2014

Team Urban Planning 2014

“I am really happy to be part of Urban Planning group. Apart from amazing people all around, the project is challenging and I enjoy working on it,” says Radka Pallová from the Czech Republic. Other members of Team Urban Planning come from the United States, Ukraine, Brazil and New Zealand.

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Millennium Youth CampNews - Mar 20, 2014

Millennium Youth Camper Juan Cruz Landoni adventures into chemistry and biosciences

Argentinian Juan Cruz Landoni is passionate about science. He participated in the International Millennium Youth Camp in 2013 and returned to Finland in January 2014 to study chemistry. Planning a career in bioscience research, Juan’s positive attitude has helped him settle in Helsinki.

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Millennium Youth CampNews - Mar 17, 2014

Congratulations, Millennium Youth Campers 2014!

The participants of the 2014 International Millennium Youth Camp have been selected and announced. In June the camp will bring together 60 gifted young students for a week of science, research, technology, fun and friendship!

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Millennium Youth CampNews - Mar 14, 2014

Millennium Youth camper Martin Radev digs computer science

2013 Millennium Youth Camper Martin Radev, aspiring computer scientist, talks about the ups and downs of coming to study in Helsinki. “Helsinki can be a great place. It is up to you how things will go,” he tips.

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ThemesMath & Science - Mar 05, 2014

Novel blood screen reveals risk of dying

Want to find out how likely you are to die in the near future? Researchers have identified four biomarkers that help to identify people at high risk of dying from any disease within the next five years.

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