- Feb 23, 2015

City Fingerprints

When visiting a new city, have you ever had the feeling that it really reminds you of another city that you’ve been to? The culture, the weather and the people may be different, but you still feel that something is the same. If you’ve felt that way, it may be due to the “fingerprints” of the city.

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Math & Science- Feb 09, 2015

The brains of introverts and extroverts

Scientist have found that by looking at the structure of someone’s brain, it is possible to determine whether they are an introvert or an extravert. There are several differences in a brain whether a person prefers to relax alone or through social interactions.

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- Feb 02, 2015

Clinical Trials – A drugs way from the lab to patients

Most of us have used medicines before, if it be for curing a simple cold or more serious disease. But have you ever wondered about the process of how the medicine gets from the lab into our hands and how researchers make sure that the drugs are safe to use and that there won’t be any harmful side effects? Or on who and how the possible side effects are discovered and what is in it for somebody participating in a clinical trial?

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- Jan 26, 2015

The battle of KuzcoRice against the Rotavirus

Vacines for the deadly Rotavirus already exist, but only a few countries have included them in their routine vaccine plans. The reason is that the unstable vaccines must be refrigerated, causing problems in transportation and storage in developing countries. An international project in genetic engineering may have found a great solution from very exotic sources.

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Sustainable development- Jan 19, 2015

Nanotechnology – packaging food for the future

With forecasts that the world’s population is set to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, issues related to food are becoming increasingly important. One such issue is the challenge to find more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to food packaging. This is vital to make food last as long as possible to maintain an adequate food supply.

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