Math & Science- Sep 21, 2015

To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate: There Is No Question

In recent years, the anti-vaccination movement (or as I prefer calling them, “pro-disease”) has grown worryingly large, spreading from the United States to many other countries. The movement started based on a claim that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine causes autism. These claims were based on a single paper that has been proven fraudulent and completely wrong. However, the myth lives on.

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- Sep 14, 2015

Turning cellulose into propane: a possible alternative?

Just how long can we expect to extract petroleum from Earth’s fossil fuel reserves? This June, the oil and gas company BP published its yearly energy report, giving an estimate of 50 years. This number provides us a hunch that alternative energy sources are about to take over our lives: from solar energy to biofuels.

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- May 07, 2015

Change is always possible

The district wants to shut down a school and in another, the air quality is very poor. The climate keeps on warming no matter how hard we try to recycle. Each day we face new problems and challenges, many of which feel overwhelming. We often think that we can not do anything about those problems, especially when we are young and the older people tell us that “this is how things have always been done”. So why should we try to impact the things that matter to us?

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Math & Science- Apr 15, 2015

Engineering with DNA

Imagine if there would be a world where smelly socks do not exist anymore but your feet would smell like roses. Learn how genetic engineering could make this dreamworld into reality!

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- Apr 08, 2015

Ranking the Killer Energy Sources

Kilowatts kill, but depending on the method of production, some do more damage than others. No energy source is completely safe, nor completely green, but what is the safest energy source of them all?

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